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Atatürk's Life

ankara02-icon"There are two Mustafa Kemals. One is the flesh-and-bone Mustafa Kemal who now stands before you and who will pass away.

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The National War of Independence

It was the 13th of November 1918. Istanbul was overcast with dark clouds reflecting the mood of the people who were down and out.

Devamını oku: The National War of Independence

Proclaiming of The Day the Republic

The Gazi gathered around his table in Çankaya Fethi, Ismet and some generals and Members of Parliament whom he knew well.

Devamını oku: Proclaiming of The Day the Republic


Some of the Important Reforms Introduced Under Mustafa Kemal Atatürk

Devamını oku: Reforms

Policy between 1923 - 1938

Ataturk's Domestic and Foreign Policy

Devamını oku: Policy between 1923 - 1938


ATATÜRK's Address to the Youth

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