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Turkish U.S. Relations

The United States has historically been among Turkey's biggest trading partners. The United States is currently the second largest destination for Turkish exports (after Germany) and currently its fourth largest supplier.

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Trade & Investment - Great Reasons

Turkey enjoys a very special location at the crossroads between East and West, overlapping Europe and Asia geographically.

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The financial system consists of the banking sector and other areas such as insurance, leasing, factoring, and stock brokerage.

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Defense & Security

The primary and most important defender of Turkey's independence are the Armed Forces.

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Local Administration & Public Services

Local administration is the system of administration established to meet the common needs of the people living in a specific region and managed by bodies elected by these people.

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Turkish Folklore

Composed of "Tekke" and "Asik," works of literary worth, often anonymous and passed down from generation to generation.These include epics, legends, folk poems, ballads, elegies, folk songs, riddles, folk tales anecdotes, proverbs, expressions and rhymes.

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In the western sense, political parties in Turkey made their first appearance by the end of the 19th century.

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Judiciary Branch

The Akkoyunlu State was founded by Turkoman tribes who settled around Diyarbakir. It emerged as a union under the leadership of Tur Ali Bey.

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Executive Branch

According to the Constitution, the exercise of the executive power is vested in and is used by the President and the Council of Ministers.

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Turkish Cuisine

For those who travel engaged in culinary pursuits, the Turkish Cuisine is a very, curious one.

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